Andrews Mc Meel Universal

Founded in 1970 as Universal Press Syndicate by Jim Andrews and John McMeel. 1979, the privately held company became Andrews McMeel Universal to reflect its diversification into magazine publishing and new media. We were asked to create a trade and publishing mark which would also serve as the corporate brand identity for the company. The initial"U" grew out of Universal Press Syndicate, the roots of the new company, and also lent itself to the human content of the publishing venture. At the core of Andrews McMeel Universal's publishing are humor and self improvement books and syndicated columns and cartoons. The addition of two eyes immediately turns the "U"letterform into a human face. The careful positioning and proportion of"nose" and "eyes" make the face versatile in that it is either humorous or plain, depending on what the content of the publication is. The logo made it possible to unify and immediately identify theversatile company and its divisions, Andrews McMeel Publishing, Universal PressSyndicate, Uclick and Amuse.

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