LOGO Brands

Logo Brands is a family owned business that has grown from a small two-car garage to several million square feet of office and warehouse space. They were a “startup” before that phrase was even popular. Now, they are the #1 licensee for hard good sports products. The company used to be known as “Logo Chair” since that was the first product they merchandised. A simple, light weight, collapsible chair to take with you to an outdoor event. Soon the company started to distribute other items, like coolers, bags, tents, and other related items. Several partnerships, companies and organizations gave Logo Chair the rights to manufacture and distribute products with officially licensed Collegiate and Professional team logos and trademarks. When Logo Chair decided to expand with fashion items and other products related to their core business, the name was adjusted to “Logo Brands”. This new identity was to express the new company, without loosing the equity built over the years. People called the company “Logo” anyway and it seemed logical to keep this abbreviation and perhaps make it the main brand identifier. To create a logo for Logo Brands was obviously a design challenge since the word “Logo” is used all over the world as a visual short form for identifying a corporation or brand. The design concept was to make the word “LOGO” unique by stacking it in two lines, using very symmetrical letterforms to form a square. The verb “GO” is revealed as part of the word connecting it to the activities related to the products. “GO” is an encouraging word and also an ideal start of potential taglines emanating from it. A second identifier was developed in form of a wordmark using the whole name “logobrands” for situations where “LOGO” alone is not sufficient. However, the logo and wordmark can be used together in more corporate situations.

In an increasingly crowded landscape of brands, a clear and distinct visual identity is one of an organization's most important assets. To grasp the function and value of a visual identity, it is important to recognize that every organization has a public face - an aesthetic that communicates the character, function, and values of the brand.
This identity is communicated and manifested through both print and digital touchpoints. These touchpoints include our corporate stationery, emails, brochures and reports, presentations, retail displays, sponsorships, and other visual displays.
Each of these elements communicates with the target audience in a way that contributes to the overall impression people have of the organization. The resulting impression and the net effect is our brand identity, and is one of the most valuable assets we possess.
The new brand identity program for Logo Brands was designed by Steff Geissbuhler and established to strengthen all visual communication throughout the organization; to project its core mission, values and services; and to distinguish it from its peers and competitors.
The graphic standards guidelines are the basic working tools and specifications intended to assist all who are responsible for the implementation and control of the new brand identity. Adhering to the graphic design standards will ensure continuity, a high standard of quality and a clear, consistent identity for Logo Brands in our competitive marketplace.
Tim Watson, VP of Marketing & Creative, Logo Brands, Inc.

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