A hands-on, independent graphic design consultancy, specializing in the creation of logos and brand identities, print materials, environmental graphics, posters and other visual communications, including all the work shown here.

Tolerance Poster
AIGA Competitions & Exhibitions
Peace Poster, Godzilla & King Kong
New York Public Library 100th Anniversary
New York and the Arts: A Cultural Affair
New York is Dance
New York is Gardens & Zoos
New York is Theater
New York is Children
New York is Heritage
New York is Music
New York is Museums
Pride of Place
Be in Berlin
Frida & Diego Anniversary
Toulouse Lautrec 100
Logo 2000, International Design Forum
A Nation of Nations
IAAF Mobil Grand Prix
International Chidren's Day
Protect & Preserve our Planet
AGI Congress in Oacaca, Mexico
AGI Congress in Paris
AIGA NY Season
Steff in Georgia
Portfolio Center
Which came first?
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