Alhurra TV Network

Alhurra TV Network / Alhurra “Today” Show Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc. Alhurra (Arabic for “The Free One”) is a commercial-free Arabic language satellite television network for the Middle East devoted primarily to news and information. Having designed and redesigned many national and international television network identities, C&G Partners was approached to create new on-air television graphics and a web presence that would give the network a strong brand image, signal a shift in programming toward more news-oriented content and appeal to a younger demographic. Since increasing viewership meant offering a relevant alternative to such competing news sources as Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN, the strategy was to appeal to Arabic sensibilities without appearing overly Arabic, delicately balancing full transparency as a network financed by the U.S. with a visual language appropriate to and respectful of a modern pan-Arabic audience. The resulting logo, three flowing colored ribbons that coalesce to form a bird in flight, speaks to the network’s goal to broaden its viewers’ perspectives, enabling them to make more informed decisions. The ribbons evoke banners, flags and celebration, while the bird symbolizes superiority, light, freedom and aspiration, all attributes consistent with a network dedicated to accurate, balanced and comprehensive news.

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