Toledo Museum of Art

Like a picture frame, the Toledo Museum provides a setting for the display of art. Like a window, the Museum is an open, enlightening place. This “window” provides views inside the institution by serving as a visual stage for its collections, exhibits and cultural activities. The four words that comprise the Museum’s name are integrated into the picture frame, allowing imagery, colors and textures to show through. The Museum’s primary color is a dark bluish-green. It suggests the color of glass, a product with an important connection to Toledo’s industrial heritage. It also connects directly with the Museum’s famous Libbey Glass collection and Glass museum. Together, the name and the frame form a logo that embraces every aspect of the Toledo Museum of Art. The logo brands the Museum’s collections, programs, publications, promotions, and multimedia platforms as well as the Peristyle Theater and the Toledo Symphony's headquarter which reside on the museum's campus

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