Barneys New York

Barneys New York New York, New York When the original Barney’s on 17th Street and 7th Avenue wanted to expand from a unique men’s store to one that would include women’s wear and accessories, as well as additional stores, a new name was created with “Barneys New York” and a unique logo repositioned and changed the store into a fashion brand. By leaving out the space between the “W” and “Y” in “New York” a perfect symmetry of seven letters on the first and second line revealed itself without loosing the readability of the name. There is an additional twist to the logo in that the center letters read vertically NY. The elegant lettering derived from the ancient typeface, Augustea, helped to catapult the brand into a major and nationwide recognized fashion emporium. The complete identity program included advertising signatures, packaging, shopping bags, advertising, awnings and various other applications.

Barneys New York Brand Identity Program

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