WASP Exhibit
LOGO Brands
Logo Brands
LOGO Brands
LOGO Brands
EPA Identity and Graphic Standards Guidelines
New York Public Library 100th Anniversary
Signature Theater
Sports Illustrated at the Olympics
Toledo Museum Sign Program
2016 Holiday/New Year's card
"Pocket Naturalist" Guides for Waterford Press
New Years Card 2015
Greater Hudson Heritage Network
Telemundo Saleskit and brochures
National Parks of New York Harbor Gala Invitation
George Washington's New York
Kaplan Thaler Sales Kit
AIGA/NY @ 30 anniversary poster
May Company Annual Report Covers
Madison Square Park Construction Baricade
Designer Engraver Exchange
Crane's Global Guide
Crane Paper promotion booklet cover
Creating Crane's Crest Recycled Booklet
Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, NYU brochure cover
Wishful Thinking
1984 New York Olympics Proposal cover
AIGA Season Poster
American Chemical Society exhibit poster
New Years card 2014
Holiday card 2013
Anti-Defamation League Brand Identity
HealthQuest logo
The Lightbulb Idea
Power of Design
Blazer Travel Poster
NBC, National Broadcasting Company
Time Warner and Time Warner Cable
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
RFE/RL in Prague
National Parks of New York Harbor
Merck Brand Identity System
Kaplan Thaler Group
Alvin Ailey Dance Theater
Univision Graphics and branding Program
Voice of America
Signature Theater Company
Telemundo Television
Toledo Museum of Art
Toledo Museum of Art, Signage Program
Calamos Asset Management
Andrews Mc Meel Universal
Multicanal, Artear, Argentina
ACE American Cinema Editors
Crane Business Papers
Labyrinth Theater Company
mPress Graphics
Maple Grove Community Center and Cemetery
CUNY Graduate Center Brand Identity System
Greenwing Motorcycles, Thailand
Birmingham Museum of Art
New Victory Theater
New York Public Library
NFF Nonprofit Finance Fund
Hotel Mia and Top of the Port Restaurant
Darien Library
Conrad Hotels
Charles Square and Charles Square Hotel, Cambridge, MA
LIIF, Low Income Investment Fund
The Bond Market Association
Alhurra TV Network
New 42nd Street
Hear US campaign
Barneys New York
Hillier Architects
Centro de Convenciones de Cartagena
Canal 13, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Active Aging brand identity
AIGA Competitions & Exhibitions
Peace Poster, Godzilla & King Kong
New York Public Library 100th Anniversary
New York and the Arts: A Cultural Affair
New York is Dance
New York is Gardens & Zoos
New York is Theater
New York is Children
New York is Heritage
New York is Music
New York is Museums
Pride of Place
Be in Berlin
Frida & Diego Anniversary
Toulouse Lautrec 100
Logo 2000, International Design Forum
A Nation of Nations
IAAF Mobil Grand Prix
International Chidren's Day
Protect & Preserve our Planet
AGI Congress in Oacaca, Mexico
AGI Congress in Paris
AIGA NY Season
Steff in Georgia
Portfolio Center
Hotel MIA, Miami
Which came first?
2011 Holiday card
Roman Numeral Holiday Card
Lenticular Holiday Card
Interlocking Figure 8 Holiday Card
Peace Holiday Card
Dial a Wish upon a Star Holiday card
2003 Holiday Card
Color Candles Holiday Card
Christmas Tree Holiday Card
Snowflake & Star Holiday Card
Silver Star Tree Holiday Card
Multiple Star Holiday Card
Reflection Holiday Card
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